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Digging in The Dirt & Digging in The Word


Many years ago we went to Boston as a family. That great city was in the midst of the “Big Dig” at the time. It turned out to be a fifteen-year dig! The total cost is estimated at over $24 billion USD ̶ the costliest tunnel/road works in US history! Yes, truly a big dig. Seeing that amazing digging project more than 20 years ago has left a lasting impression. Perhap...

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The Voice of the Church Amid the Pandemic


The year 2020 will certainly be marked in our memories as one of the most challenging of the century. The pandemic has brought unique struggles that are testing the church’s steadfastness to its mission of proclaiming the Gospel....

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Cherishing the Ordinary in Extraordinary Times


Rarely have we passed through a more extraordinary time than we are now experiencing. The Covid-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges to the church. These times have forced many of us to think outside the box when it comes to doing ministry, and in many cases to great effect and with surprising results. But it's not like the church hasn't found itself in un...

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Rural Ministry? The Forgotten Church


I am a farm boy ...

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What Church Can Be

pexels-shelagh-murphy-1666816 (1)

A Book Review: What Church Can Be: An Optimistic Vison with Some Blueprints. Matthew Kruse. Maitland, FL: Xulon Press, 2020, 317 pp., paperback. ISBN 978-1-63050-564-6...

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The Necessity of the Old Testament to Understand and Interpret the New Testament


There is great validity in yearning for the promises of God to the saints in the Old Testament. These intemporal words of hope are well-suited for the New Covenant community just as they were for their original audience. Reading through the Scriptures of the OT gives us a sense of familiarity with the moral bankruptcy of its characters. The many quotes of OT Scripture in t...

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To My Brothers in Arms


We are weary. We are struggling. We have probably thought about quitting. Yet, we can do it, united to Christ....

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We Remember...


A little more than a stone’s throw from our church in Cape Traverse on Prince Edward Island stands a house from which a young 23-year-old man left to serve his country in the Second World War. His name was Flight Sgt. Elmer Bagnall Muttart....

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Seeking to Serve Atlantic Canada as We Look Ahead


This year has been unlike any other that most of us can remember. This might even apply to us in some greater ways here in Atlantic Canada. Yes, all our provinces are affected by the global pandemic. However, there have been some unique circumstances we have felt on the eastern shores of Canada...

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Thank God For Conviction of Sin

"If God is still convicting you of sin, praise his holy name. Because when he stops, you are in a dangerous, dangerous place." - Jeff Eastwood...

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