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Why Is Taking on the Role of a Servant for a Christian Leader so Difficult Yet so Necessary?


I witnessed an antithesis of the servant-leader mindset in a pastor who pressured his small congregation to pay a full-time salary fitting for the work he was putting in, an amount well above the church’s budget. He demanded greater sacrifice of them based on the scriptural standard that “the laborer is worthy of his wages.” Another church leader displayed an admirab...

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The Voice of the Church Amid the Pandemic


The year 2020 will certainly be marked in our memories as one of the most challenging of the century. The pandemic has brought unique struggles that are testing the church’s steadfastness to its mission of proclaiming the Gospel....

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The Necessity of the Old Testament to Understand and Interpret the New Testament


There is great validity in yearning for the promises of God to the saints in the Old Testament. These intemporal words of hope are well-suited for the New Covenant community just as they were for their original audience. Reading through the Scriptures of the OT gives us a sense of familiarity with the moral bankruptcy of its characters. The many quotes of OT Scripture in t...

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