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Cradle of Indoctrination: Radical Proposals in In Education in the Cradle of Confederation


Its hard to argue against the fact that the moral landscape has been shifting at a dizzying pace. Neither is it an exaggeration to say that what it is to be human is being reinterpreted before our very eyes. The biblical categories that have been broadly accepted by Christians and non-Christians regarding human sexuality are being challenged and overturned at a rate that s...

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Cherishing the Ordinary in Extraordinary Times


Rarely have we passed through a more extraordinary time than we are now experiencing. The Covid-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges to the church. These times have forced many of us to think outside the box when it comes to doing ministry, and in many cases to great effect and with surprising results. But it's not like the church hasn't found itself in un...

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We Remember...


A little more than a stone’s throw from our church in Cape Traverse on Prince Edward Island stands a house from which a young 23-year-old man left to serve his country in the Second World War. His name was Flight Sgt. Elmer Bagnall Muttart....

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